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Got my first Amazon EC2 instance up and running for nodejs development

28 Feb

Thanks to cuppster.

Mobile html5 compatibility matrix

14 Sep

Here is a list of html5 features and their implementation status on various mobile devices

Hilarious – logo gone wrong

20 Feb

Here is a collections of examples of company logos that leave the viewer with the wrong idea!

Time to start the list of lists

10 Jan

Daniel Raffel’s Favorite New Geek Stuff Of 2010

Business names in Holland

04 Jan

Ubiquitous, ubiquitous, ubiquitous. Lovely word. Yeah yeah, but useless as tits on a bull in Holland. Ask any Dutchman what it means and all you’ll get is a blank stare. I really have to stop wearing my propeller hat. It seems that a nerd is only worth the word that can be heard…

I had the same problem when I proudly announced that I’d be trading my web development and hosting services under the luminous name Prodigious… Blank stares, crickets chirping… Wassat then?

Ok, ok, ok. Lets make it Mobile Media Constructs then. Much better. Now I can concentrate on doing some work again.

The world of facebook

15 Dec

Visualisation of global Facebook reltionships


13 Dec

Visionary insights from the last century. The last millennium!

Ubiquitous media constructs

13 Dec

The media of today is ubiquitous. Long gone is the time when online media was something that you experienced at home or at your office on a desktop machine. The laptop brought us the convenience of taking our media into libraries, cafes and to our clients but todays online media has gone even further than that. With location aware mobile media platforms we enter a brave new world.

Portfolio up and running

13 Dec

Installed and started filling my portfolio.

I used the Simple Portfolio plugin by Patrick Brouwer (Inlet). It’s complete enough but I had to copy and hack a couple of pages from the theme to get it working correctly. That wasn’t too hard and I got carried away and cleaned up some other issues that were bothering me. The post date tab on non news pages for example.

It’s Alive!!!

11 Dec

Nice one WordPress.

A couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon and I can hold my head high next time someone tells me they visited my site again. I’d like build my own theme but I’ll need a design first (and a house style, and business card, and a payoff, and I should probable bring my CV up to date…..)

Oh well. Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Stuart McFarlane

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