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Augmented reality translator

13 Jan

Augmented reality translator in actionFabulous! Take a look at this. Welcome to the future.

Choose your weapon

12 Jan

What CMS do you use ? What CMS do you want to use? Compare them here.

Database version control

12 Jan

I’ve been breaking my brain for some time now thinking about how to incorporate database changes into version control. Here is a helpful article that addresses database structure version control. However the question of how to apply inserts in the production database with complicated record relationships is not addressed. Consider a CMS with a highly productive production environment. It is unreasonable to require all the authors, photographers and even editors to participate in version control, it’s hard enough to get some programmers interested! Unless some action is taken the database key values in the development and production environments will diverge.

If it is acceptable to prevent modifications to the production environment for the duration of the release and deploy process then the solution comes down to just doing the work. This is unfortunately not always the case.

When it is not acceptable to lock down the production environment for the duration of the release and deploy process then a differencing tool is required that understands the semantic relationships in the data and can apply the deltas to the production tables with respect to those relationships. I’ll be looking out for such a tool and if anyone knows one please post it here.

The state of mobile browsers

16 Dec

“Users expect websites to work on their mobile phones. In two to three years, mobile support will become standard for any site. Web developers must add mobile web development to their skill set or risk losing clients…”

Stuart McFarlane

Mobile Media Constructs