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Mobile html5 compatibility matrix

14 Sep

Here is a list of html5 features and their implementation status on various mobile devices

Things to do…Check out appcelerator

19 Jan

No time to check it out now. Might be interesting. I suspect it is a HTML5/javascript development environment with browser bootstraps for each target device but a colleague suggests that it’s a C++ environment. I’ll have to download it and check it out before I start on my next mobile app.

Augmented reality translator

13 Jan

Augmented reality translator in actionFabulous! Take a look at this. Welcome to the future.

The state of mobile browsers

16 Dec

“Users expect websites to work on their mobile phones. In two to three years, mobile support will become standard for any site. Web developers must add mobile web development to their skill set or risk losing clients…”

Stuart McFarlane

Mobile Media Constructs