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The state of mobile browsers

16 Dec

“Users expect websites to work on their mobile phones. In two to three years, mobile support will become standard for any site. Web developers must add mobile web development to their skill set or risk losing clients…”

The world of facebook

15 Dec

Visualisation of global Facebook reltionships


13 Dec

Visionary insights from the last century. The last millennium!

Ubiquitous media constructs

13 Dec

The media of today is ubiquitous. Long gone is the time when online media was something that you experienced at home or at your office on a desktop machine. The laptop brought us the convenience of taking our media into libraries, cafes and to our clients but todays online media has gone even further than that. With location aware mobile media platforms we enter a brave new world.

Portfolio up and running

13 Dec

Installed and started filling my portfolio.

I used the Simple Portfolio plugin by Patrick Brouwer (Inlet). It’s complete enough but I had to copy and hack a couple of pages from the theme to get it working correctly. That wasn’t too hard and I got carried away and cleaned up some other issues that were bothering me. The post date tab on non news pages for example.

Now I can’t stop

11 Dec

That was so easy that I really can’t think of any excuse not to make the site my oldest boy’s been asking for…¬†Odin’s site

It’s Alive!!!

11 Dec

Nice one WordPress.

A couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon and I can hold my head high next time someone tells me they visited my site again. I’d like build my own theme but I’ll need a design first (and a house style, and business card, and a payoff, and I should probable bring my CV up to date…..)

Oh well. Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Better late then never!

11 Dec

It has been said that plumbers taps always leak. When applied to myself this reads web developers all have lorum ipsum sites. Well the buck stops here. An unexpected free Saturday has left time to throw together a halfway acceptable web presence in the form of a WordPress site.

Stuart McFarlane

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